Fresh, new start…

okay! truth is, I’m here because I kinda ditched Livejournal… And that was ages ago too… Cause I got my dreams shattered by someone… She’s like a mother to me, but x2 stricter and x2 less fun than my mum… anyway, I kinda gave up on the dream of becoming a writer (or anything like that) and somehow my dream now – sort of planted by the adults in their own way – is the “when you grow up, you should become a doctor and i’m sending you to medical school”

Yep! Oh~ and also that like-a-mother-to-me someone says that I should even go for a phD… something along that line… come to think about it, I guess I’ll almost 30 (or worse! OVER 30, by the time i get a phD)

OHH~ screw all of that… I wanna be here to talk about my addiction… cause i’m addicted to all those “useless” things in life… those that the adults disapprove of…

it’s been THAT long since I wrote anything at all that I’ve become rusty… even my English teacher is complaining about my grammar. Yeah~ I suck that much now… and talking about subjects, I’ve got Math AND Additional Math to worry about…

Ohhh~!!! Screw that too!!!

anyway, I’ve been wasting my time on a drama over the weekend… (yes yes! instead of reading my history textbook, i chose to watch some drama as if i’m gonna be tested on it…) but then… it’s so darn addictive that i couldn’t resist!!! I barely watched the whole thing (I didn’t even manage to watch a complete episode as a whole… skipping loads of scenes of each episode)

and this drama is none other than the Korean drama : City Hunter!!!

Hey~ don’t judge~ I know some Kdrama haters look down on people who watches Kdramas or fancy korean stars (ohh~ and if you do, i should warn you first… this is gonna be probably a 1,000 words essay on kdramas and korean stars so please enter at your own risk or leave before it gets the best of you… whatever~) and i know that it’s not the latest drama… but i just love it so much (and since i can’t watch it… here i am, ranting on about it) still wasting my time anyway…

Okay! i wished i had time to write and post photos on it because I’ve got so much to say about the drama~!! and first of all, even my sister (who claims that Korean dramas are always the same, boring and pointless – everything negative – and rarely ever praise any kdramas) actually likes this drama~

First of all, I really like the storyline… How it involves political stuff, family issues and some romance (alright… not just some)

Oh and I have a thing for the tiny little details of dramas like the cars πŸ™‚ and the gadgets… and also how the lead character dresses up

Lee Min Ho is casting as Lee Yoon Sung of the drama… And I’ve got to say, his acting skills have improved TONS since Boys Over Flower… And that his hair looks way better than that in BOF too! I love his hair so much in this drama that I’m fighting the strong urge to storm into a salon and get a haircut like his! And his clothes~ seriously, WOW~ the first thing I notice is his jackets/blazers/cardigan… and the way he wear it every time in a different way, making it look different and new… well~ when it comes to fashion, i’m not too familiar with the terms and stuff but i have an eye for nice clothes… and i love it how he wears all these clothes which look simple (at least simpler than the clothes he wore in BOF; though, Personal taste was better) Not to forget, his tall and lean figure makes everything look good on him… well, i’ll talk about this more next time but check Β this out : evacuatewithstyle

Though the blogger didn’t mention about Kim Na Na (Park Min Young) in the drama, i kinda like her style too… nah! not the fancy type that catches your eye but well, i just like the way she dresses up… sometimes a simple long sleeved shirt with a pair of shorts (not the excessively short and tight ones, thank goodness!!) and sometimes a white button down shirt with a sling handbag (sorry peeps~ I guess the lack of visual material is making this real boring… I’ll post again with pictures… someday) ohh! and what i really like, her hair band she uses at home! hahah~ they look so cute and quite practical too

ohh yeah! not to forget, my favourite of all things in a drama… the gadgets they use!! Especially, mobile phones! although they’re using only iPhone 4, i can’t help but falling in love with their cases πŸ™‚ they’re all in one simple, solid colour and i just love that… and there’s one part where Yoon Sung took his iPhone 4 out of this oversized plastic case and threw it out of the truck he was in (i’m still trying to find which company manufactures that…) and I like how he does hacking (cause I just love dramas with hacking and all the IT stuff… like Bloody Monday) and all the phone tapping in the drama – and how he eavesdrop on those conversations of the corrupted politicians through his iPad 2 – makes me wanna get an iPad 2 for myself!! Apple has become quite smart in advertising huh~ using product placement to win over the Korean market (i guess?) almost win me over but i think i’ll still stick to Samsung (but i still love how Apple products have sooooo many cases… it’s so unfair! it feels like dressing up your gadgets and that spells fun for me!!)

I guess it must have been too long since i’ve written anything and that’s why I’m ranting endlessly about something people would/might never want to read cause it’s plain boring (sorry~) but hey~ this drama has got really good stuff in it and i can go on forever about it!

oh and i haven’t even mentioned about the cars!!! Yoon Sung is this character in the drama (quite much like a male version Mary Sue) tall and lean and playboy-ish with nice cars… good thing is he doesn’t change his car all the time to the extent as if he owns a bank or something… Thank goodness this drama still makes some sense when it comes to these kind of things (unlike in BOF, Kim Hyun Joong could actually talk on his phone through his extra large helmet!! hahahah~ unforgettable!!)

alright alright~ I’ve got to go now… but i’ll be back soon πŸ™‚


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